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Testimonials  Throughout The Years


"I recently worked with Ben Allen to put together the first live band show for Cathy Dennis show in over two decades.  His work ethic and professionalism were second to none. He helped sort the perfect group of musicians, delivered programming to an incredible standard and oversaw a brilliant FOH sound mix. Cathy absolutely loved working with Ben and the feedback we've had on the performance was universally positive." -Adam Klein (Fascination Management)

"Ben has been an absolute pleasure to work with on the Izzy Bizu project and became an integral and essential part of the team pretty much from the get-go. Ben is passionate and vocal about what he believes in but also manages to keep everyone on side, no easy feat!" - Rachael Bee (ILUVLIVE)

"Ben plays a vital role in all of the creative aspects for the band Amber Run. He produced the bands last two albums: For A Moment, I Was Lost and Philophobia; and is responsible for the bands live set up as MD and FOH. His creativity is undoubtedly of the highest level and he is well organised and excellent to work with."  - Tribe Management (Amber Run)

"Ben has been a pleasure to work with, right from initial rehearsals and deep into tour. You can sense his passion for music in the way he works - it is this attention to detail and his resultant musical mixing style which really sets him apart." - Fyfe

"Ben is a natural leader. He holds an atmosphere of true professionalism. His warmth and generosity get the best out of the artist and musicians, everytime. He creates some of the most awesome shows." - Richard Bundy keyboards, Vocals, MD

"Thanks to my lovely musical director Ben Allen innit, you're always striving for perfection and such a joy to be around. Thanks for all your effort, even in the most difficult situations you pull through, so cheers!" - Izzy Bizu


"We are all very happy with the mixes, excellent work there."Laurence Bell

"I've heard the latest mix and its quite frankly the best I have ever heard. May well be her best song thus far as well." - Achal Dhillon


"Put it this way, 'Pilgrim' is the set opener, and 'This Is The Thing' is the encore....can't get a better endorsement of a songwriter than that....Blair has been an inspiration and a fantastic contributor to some of the finest songwriting moments in my career... - Fin Greenall (Fink)