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ScoobE  Artist/Rapper

Born to Irish and Dutch parents, Dublin-born ScoobE (Anton van de Water), developed a keen interest in music at an early age, showing his talents in voice and percussion instruments at the age of 2. As he grew older, this interest only became stronger as he began to experiment with different genres of music.

His taste in music is as eclectic as it gets from R'n'b and Trap to Rock and Folk, with the ability to put his own twist on any project. Anton has honed and specialised his writing skills in music across the urban scene coming up with his own 'lyrical poetry', leading him to eventually focus on rap.

In 2014, ScoobE decided to pursue a full-time career in music, writing and producing his first EP over the next 2 years. With the expertise of SOMEDUTCHKID - an Amsterdam-based music engineer - the pair recorded, mixed and mastered ScoobE's debut music release at the age of 21.

His initial credits are with Karl 'K-Gee' Gordon and the iconic girl group 'All Saints'.

Z-Management currently have introduced a new subsidiary called LiL'Z run by TeeJay McQ who, alongside Z Management's MD, Zita are the exclusive managers of ScoobE. For any enquiries please contact TeeJay -