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Toby Scott  Writer/Producer/Mixer/Programmer/Engineer

Studio Brighton, UK

Toby Scott is an extremely creative writer, producer and mixer. He has a love for songs and sonics, and is obsessed with making records that showcase the artist's voice and vision to its full potential. Toby's prolificity means he consistently creates great records that stride between pop bops and heartfelt ballads to dance anthems and house bangers.

Toby has wracked up a whole host of hit records, writing alongside the likes of Tove Lo, Wayne Hector, Brian Higgins and MNEK. Credits include Little Mix (platinum #3 debut album "DNA"), Girls Aloud (four albums including 2 x platinum #1 album "Out Of Control", #1 BRIT Award winning single "The Promise" and #2 single "Something New"). Toby has also worked with The Saturdays (top 3 single "All Fired Up" and top 10 album "Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits"), Rebecca Ferguson (#3, 2 x platinum debut album "Heaven"), The Wanted (top 5 album "Battleground"), Kaiser Chiefs (top 5 album "Stay Together") and Gorgon City (top 10 album "Sirens"). In addition to this, Toby worked on entire albums for Gossip, Alesha Dixon and Pet Shop Boys. He was a long term member of the highly successful UK hit factory Xenomania.

Recently Toby has been very busy writing and producing with a combination of established and recently signed acts. Recent releases include Galantis ("1x1"), Dimitri Vegas x David Guetta x Nicole Scherzinger x Azteck ("The Drop"), Wilkinson x Becky Hill ("Here For You") Crvvcks x Sigma ("99 Degrees), Friction ("Beliver"), Purple Disco Machine x Elderbrook ("I Remember") and Ella Henderson ("Out My Head").

Toby has also been working with the likes of MK, Camden Cox, Emily Nash, The Knocks, Alison Goldfrapp, Grace Davies, Daniel Blume, Abel, Chaya, Sonny Fodera, Dragonette, Tom KingIssey Cross, M22Timmy Trumpet, Flawes and Call Me Loop.

Toby is based in his own studio, Beam Me Up, in Brighton. There are good transport links to and from London.

Productions and Mixes

Wilkinson x B. HillHere For You (single) (with Becky Hill)Co-written, co-produced
Becky HillOnly Honest On The Weekend: Deluxe (album)Co-written, co-produced
David GuettaDrop It (x Dimitri Vegas x Aztek x Nicole Scherzinger)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Galantis1x1 (single)Co-written, co-produced
Purple Disco Mac.Exotica (album)Co-written, co-produced
ElderbrookI Remember (with Purple Disco Machine) (song)Co-written, co-produced
DragonetteSummer Thing (single) (with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano x Cat Dealers featuring Bruno Martini)Co-written, co-produced
D.O.D. Every Step (single)Co-written, vocal production
Crvvcks x Sigma99 Degrees (with Clementine Douglas) (single)Co-written, co-produced
Martin SolveigNo Lie (With Michael Calfan) (single)Co-written, co-produced
SodyI'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed
Nothing Ever Changes (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Ella HendersonEverything I Didn't Say (album)Co-written, produced
Cashmere CatPrincess Catgirl (album)Co-written, co-produced
For Your Eyes Only (single)Co-written, co-produced
The KnocksBang Bang (featuring Donna Missal) (single)Co-written, co-produced
Little MixDNA (album)Co-written, co-produced, vocal production, musician#3
Pretend It's OK (song)Co-written, vocal production, engineered, musician
Sonny FoderaWide Awake (album)Co-written, co-produced
Silhouettes (featuring Poppy Baskcomb)Co-written, co-produced
FrictionI Need To Feel (featuring Poppy Baskcomb) (single)Co-writen, co-produced
Believer (single)Co-written, co-produced
Grace DaviesUsed To You (Single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Wolves (single)Produced, mixed
Anton PowersDo Me Right (with Joe Stone) (single)Co-written, co-produced
Sunnery James & Ryan MarcianoWithout Ya (with Olivia Sebastianelli) (single)Co-written, co-produced
Girls AloudTen (album)Co-written, musician, keys, programming, vocal production#9
Something New (single)Co-written, keys, programming#2
Out of Control (album)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal production#1
The Promise (single)Vocal production, engineered, musician#1
Miss You Bow Wow (song)Co-written, vocal production, engineered, musician
Tangled Up (album)Vocal production, engineered, musician#4
Call The Shots (single)Vocal production, engineered, musician#2
Sexy! No No No... (single)Vocal production, engineered, musician#5
Amelia LilyYou Bring Me Joy (single)Co-written, vocal production, engineered, musician#2
Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got) (single)Co-written, vocal production, engineered, musician#11
Party Over (single)Co-written, vocal production, engineered, musician
The WantedBattleground (album)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer #5
I'll Be Your StrengthCo-written, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Gorgon CitySirens (album)Co-written, vocal producer#10
No More (featuring Liv) (single)Co-written, vocal producer
FlynnOne Of Us (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed
B-Side (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
One Of Us (single)Produced
Hanne Mjøen Emotional Fever (single)Co-written, produced
FlawesReverie (EP)Co-written, produced
Holding Out for the Win (single)Co-written, produced
Anabel EnglundMessing With Magic (album)Co-written, co-produced
Don't Say Goodbye (I'm Not Ready) (song)Co-written, co-produced
Callum BeattiePeople Like Us (album)Mixed
Therapy (song)Mixed
JettaLivin' (single)Mixed
Tonic (EP)Additional production, mixed
No Fire (single)Mixed
Enemy In Me (single)Additional production, mixed
Losing Control (single)Additional production, mixed
Fool (single)Additional production, mixed
Hangin' (single)Additional production, mixed
ZOO (single)Additional production, mixed
SfvenLike I Love You (EP)Mixed
Flowerbeds (single)Mixed
Like I Love U (single)Mixed
AbishaNumb (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Leftwing : KodyGold (featuring HEXE) (single)Co-written, co-produced
FlorrieHours (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Street Lights (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Walk Away (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Garden (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Little White Lies (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Too Young To Remember (single)Co-written, co-produced
Late (EP)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Shot You Down (song)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Live A Little (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Begging Me (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Experiments (EP)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Introduction (EP)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Left Too Late (song)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, musician, vocal producer
The SaturdaysFinest Selection: Greatest Hits (album)Co-written, musician, vocal producer#10
What Are You Waiting For? (single)Co-written, vocal production, musician
All Fired Up (single)Vocal production, engineer, musician#3
On Your Radar (album)Vocal production, engineer, musician
Rebecca FergusonHeaven (album)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer #3
Mr Bright Eyes (song)Co-written, vocal production, engineered, musician
Kaiser ChiefsStay Together (album)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician#4
Hole In My Soul (single)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician
Parachute (single)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician
I Lie (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
KarinaNever Be Enough (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
RVBYHanging On (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Wildfire (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Red Light (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Lovesick (single)Produced, mixed
Thinking About You (single)Produced, mixed
July JonesAladdin (Single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Vanessa GiminezMake It Rain (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
OzJupiter (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed
Jupiter Acoustic (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed
MoncrieffThe Class Of 2020 (EP)Produced
PLAYLOUD (single)Produced
America (single)Produced
Sofia LafuenteControl (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed
State Of Flux (single)Co-written, produced
Mo JamilEvolve (album)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Youth (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Bloom TwinsLove Me Right Now (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Shan AkoBeautiful I Am (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
CapuletsAct One (EP)Artist, co-written, co-produced
Annie (single)Artist, co-written, co-produced
Act Two (EP)Artist, co-written, co-produced
Stranger Love (single)Artist, co-written, co-produced
Pushing (single)Artist, co-written, co-produced
Wait (single)Artist, co-written, co-produced
Co-Star (single)Artist, co-written, co-produced
You, Me & Her (single)Artist, co-written, co-produced
Tribe (single)Artist, co-written, co-produced
BoyzoneThank You & Goodnight (album)Co-written, produced, mixed#6
Normal Boy (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
I Can Dream (single)Produced, mixed
GossipA Joyful Noise (album) Co-written, co-produced, mixed, musician, vocal producer#2 (GER)
Move In the Right Direction (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, musician, vocal producer
A Perfect World (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, musician, vocal producer
BlessedSee Through All The Colours (single)Co-written
Pride (single)Mixed
SlangfwENDZ (Mixtape)Co-written, co-produced
Escorting You (feat. Corey Harper) (single)Co-written, co-produced
Murder (single)Co-written, co-produced
Caitlyn ScarlettHuman, Being (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Red Tape, Vol 2 (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed
Skeleton Key (song)Co-written, produced, mixed
iiolaSickly Sweet (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Call Me LoopMaybe I'm A Liar (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Nadine CoyleGo To Work (single)Co-written, musician
UnperfectLooking For A Hug (single)Co-written
Emma BlackeryVillains (album)Co-written, produced, mixed
Dirt (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Agenda (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Icarus (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Cute Without You (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Richard JudgeBack To You (single)Co-written, vocal production
Jodie AbacusYou're Crazy (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Alesha DixonThe Alesha Show (album)Co-written, vocal production, engineered, musician#11
The Boy Does Nothing (single)Engineered#5
Play Me (song)Co-written, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Let's Get Excited (single)Engineered#13
Cinderella Shoes (song)Vocal production, engineered, musician
Italians Do It Better (song)Vocal production, engineered, musician
Don't Ever Let Me Go (song)Vocal production, engineered, musician
Pet Shop BoysYes (album)Musician#4
The Way It Used To Be (song)Musician
All Over The World (song)Musician
Yes Etc. (remix album)Remixed
Love Etc [Beautiful Dub]Remixed
All Over The World [This Is A Dub]Remixed
Gabriella CilmiLessons To Be Learned (album)Musician#8
Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now (single)Musician
Mini VivaLeft My Heart In Tokyo (single)Engineered#7
AnnieTube Stops and Lonely Hearts (single)Co-written
Franz FerdinandSound and Vision (cover)Engineered
DelenaSOS (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
I Am The Fire (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
I Need You Tonight (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
One Night (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Delena (EP)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Holy Ground (single)Additional production, mixed
Animal (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed
Escape (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed
Amelia PayneThe Battle (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Ryan KeenNever Let You Down (single)Co-written, co-produced
On Fire (single)Co-produced, mixed
Mike WatsonBlack and Blue (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Lying For Love (single)Co-written, produced. mixed
Joel RothwellBeautiful Monster (single)Produced, mixed
Oxygen (single)Produced, mixed
SatelliteProduced, mixed
Just Don't Know (single)Produced, mixed
Liv LovelleCome A Little Closer (single)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician
ARIAYou Got Me Good (single)Co-written, produced
Hope (single)Co-written, produced
MELHighs That Never Last (single)Co-written, produced
Santiago (single)Co-written, produced
Fly Away (single)Co-written, produced
ALXTimebomb (EP)Co-written, engineered, musician
Tried Love (song)Co-written, engineered, musician
Beautiful Criminal (single)Co-written, engineered, musician
Timebomb (song)Co-written, engineered, musician
Camden CoxElevated (single)Co-written, produced
Wilkinson x Becky Hill - Here For YouBecky Hill - Only Honest On The Weekend (Deluxe)David Guetta x Dimitri Vegas x Aztek x Nicole Scherzinger - Drop ItGalantis - 1x1Purple Disco Machine - ExoticaDragonette x Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano x Cat Dealers - Summer ThingD.O.D. - Every StepSigma x Crvvks - 99 DegreesMartin Solveig & Michael Calfan - No LieSody - I'm Sorry, I'm Not SorryElla Henderson - Everything I Didn't SayCashmere Cat - Princess CatgirlCashmere Cat - For Your Eyes OnlyThe Knocks Featuring Donna Missal - Bang BangLittle Mix - DNASonny Fodera - Wide AwakeSonny Fodera Featuring Poppy Baskcomb - SilhouettesFriction Featuring Poppy Baskcomb - I Need To FeelFriction - BelieverGrace Davies - Used To YouGrace Davies - WolvesAnton Powers x Joe Stone - Do Me RightSunnery James & Ryan Marciano x Olivia Sebastianelli - Without YaGirls Aloud - TenGirls Aloud - Something NewGirls Aloud - Out of ControlGirls Aloud - The PromiseGirls Aloud - Tangled UpGirls Aloud - Call the ShotsGirls Aloud - Sexy! No No No...Amelia Lily - You Bring Me JoyAmelia Lily - Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)Amelia Lily - Party OverThe Wanted - BattlegroundGorgon City - SirensGorgon City Featuring Liv - No MoreFlynn - One Of Us EPFlynn - B-SideFlynn - One Of UsHanne Mjøen - Emotional FeverFlawes - Reverie EPAnabel Englund - Messing With Magic (Deluxxe Edition)Callum Beattie - People Like UsJetta - Livin'Jetta - Tonic EPJetta - No FireJetta - Enemy In MeJetta - Losing ControlJetta - FoolJetta - Hangin'Jetta - ZooSfven - Like I Love U (EP)Sfven - FlowerbedsSfven - Like I Love ULeftwing Kody Featuring HEXE - GoldFlorrie - Street LightsFlorrie - Walk AwayFlorrie - GardenFlorrie- Little White LiesFlorrie- Too Young To RememberFlorrie - Late (EP)Florrie - Live A LittleFlorrie - Begging MeFlorrie - Experiments (EP)Florrie - Introduction EPFlorrie - Left Too LateThe Saturdays - Finest Selection: The Greatest HitsThe Saturdays - What Are You Waiting ForThe Saturdays - All Fired UpThe Saturdays - On Your RadarRebecca Ferguson - HeavenKaiser Chiefs - Stay TogetherKaiser Chiefs - Hole In My SoulKaiser Chiefs - ParachuteKarina - I LieKarina - Never Be EnoughRVBY - Hanging OnRVBY - WildfireRVBY - Red LightRVBY - LovesickRVBY - Thinking About YouJuly Jones - AladdinVanessa Giminez - Make It RainOz - Jupiter Acoustic EPMoncrieff - Class Of 2020 EPMoncrieff - PLAYLOUDMoncrieff - AmericaSofia Lafuente - Control EPSofia Lafuente - State Of FluxMo Jamil - EvolveBloom Twins - Love Me Right NowShan Ako - Beautiful I AmCapulets - Act OneCapulets - Act TwoCapulets - Stranger LoveCapulets - PushingCapulets - WaitCapulets - Co-StarCapulets - You, Me & HerCapulets - TribeBoyzone - Thank You & GoodnightGossip - A Joyful Noise Gossip - Move In the Right Direction Gossip - A Perfect World Blessed - See Through All The ColoursBlessed - PrideSlang - fwENDZSlang - Escorting YouSlang - MurderCaitlyn Scarlett - Human, BeingCaitlyn Scarlett - Red Tape, Vol 2 (EP)iiola - Sickly SweetCall Me Loop - Maybe I'm A LiarNadine Coyle - Go To WorkUnperfect - Looking For A HugEmma Blackery - VillainsEmma Blackery - DirtEmma Blackery - AgendaEmma Blackery - IcarusEmma Blackery - Cute Without YouRichard Judge - Back To YouJodie Abacus - You're CrazyAlesha Dixon - The Alesha Show Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does NothingAlesha Dixon- Let's Get ExcitedPet Shop Boys - YesPet Shop Boys - Yes Etc. Gabriella Cilmi - Lessons To Be Learned Gabriella Cilmi - Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now Mini Viva- Left My Heart In TokyoAnnie - Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts Franz Ferdinand - Sound and Vision Delena - SOSDelena - I Am The FireDelena - I Need You TonightDelena - One NightDelena - Delena EPDelena - Holy GroundDelena - AnimalAmelia Payne - My Escape (EP)Amelia Payne - The BattleMike Watson - On FireMike Watson - Black And BlueMike Watson - Lying For LoveJoel Rothwell - Beautiful MonsterJoel Rothwell - OxygenJoel Rothwell - SatelliteJoel Rothwell - Just Don't KnowLiv Lovelle - Come A Little CloserARIA - HopeMEL - Highs That Never LastMEL - SantiagoMEL - Fly AwayALX - Timebomb EPALX - Beautiful CriminalCamden Cox - Elevated