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Toby Scott  Writer/Producer/Mixer/Programmer/Engineer

Studio Brighton, UK

Toby Scott is an exciting new addition to the Z Management roster. His skill set lies between beat-making, writing, production, mixing, engineering, programming, vocal production, and arranging. His passion lies in creating and experimenting with music, and the sculpting of records.

Toby is a long-time member of the highly successful production team Xenomania, with credits ranging from Little Mix's platinum top 3 debut album 'DNA', Girls Aloud's 2x platinum #1 album 'Out Of Control' and #1 BRIT Award winning single 'The Promise', The Saturdays top 3 single 'All Fired Up' and top 10 album 'Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits'. He has also worked with the likes of Gorgon City on the track 'No More' from their top 10 album 'Sirens', Rebecca Ferguson on the track 'Mr Bright Eyes' from her top 3 2x platinum debut album 'Heaven', The Wanted on the track 'I'll Be Your Strength' from their top 5 album 'Battleground', along with Kaiser ChiefsGossip, Pet Shop Boys and Franz Ferdinand.

Toby has also had extensive experience as a musical director, working with Florrie, Mini Viva, and Alex Gardener on their live shows. Toby's current projects include working with artists such as Mullally, Slang, Mo, Callum StewartChelcee Grimes, Dusky Grey, Richard Judge, LoopSody, Elderbrook, Blessed, Tamaraebi, Jodie Abacus, Una Healy, Amelia Payne, Caitlyn Scarlett. Toby is also involved making and releasing house records under various pseudonyms and artist brands.

Toby is based in his own studio in Brighton. There are good transport links to and from London.

Productions and Mixes

Little MixDNA (album)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer #3
Pretend It's OK (song)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer
Mo JamilEvolve (album)Co-written, produced, mixed
Youth (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Nadine CoyleGo To Work (single)Co-written, musician
SlangEscorting You (feat. Corey Harper) (single)Co-written, co-produced
Murder (single)Co-written, co-produced
fwENDZ (Mixtape)Co-written, co-produced
MullallyVarious tracksCo-written, Production
LoopMaybe I'm A Liar (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Emma BlackeryDirt (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Gorgon CitySirens (album)Co-written, vocal producer#10
No More (featuring Liv)Co-written, vocal producer
Kaiser ChiefsStay Together (album)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician#4
Hole In My Soul (single)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician
Parachute (single)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician
Girls AloudSomething New (single)Co-written, keys, programming#2
Ten (album)Co-written, musician, keys engineered, programming, vocal producer#9
Girls AloudOut of Control (album)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer #1
The Promise (single)Musician, engineered, vocal producer#1
Miss You Bow Wow (song)Co-written, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Tangled Up (album)Musician, engineered, vocal producer#4
Call The Shots (single)Musician, engineered, vocal producer#2
Sexy! No No No... (single)Musician, engineered, vocal producer#5
ARIAYou Got Me Good (single)Co-written, produced
Hope (single)Co-written, produced
The WantedBattleground (album)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer #5
I'll Be Your StrengthCo-written, engineered, musician, vocal producer
The SaturdaysFinest Selection: The Greatest Hits (album)Co-written, musician#10
What Are You Waiting For? (single)Co-written, musician, vocal producer
On Your Radar (album)Engineer, musician, vocal producer
All Fired Up (single)Engineer, musician, vocal producer#3
Amelia PayneThe Battle (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Caitlyn ScarlettHuman, Being (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
BlessedSee Through All The Colours (single)Co-written
Pride (single)Mixed
Mike WatsonLying For Love (single)Co-written, produced. mixed
Rebecca FergusonHeaven (album)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer #3
Mr Bright Eyes (song)Co-written, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Amelia LilyYou Bring Me Joy (single)Co-Written, musician, engineered, vocal producer #2
Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer #11
Party Over (single)Co-written, musician, engineered, vocal producer
GossipA Joyful Noise (album) Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer#2 (GER)
Move In the Right Direction (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
A Perfect World (single)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician, vocal producer
FlorrieUpcoming debut albumCo-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Little White Lies (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Too Young To Remember (single)Co-Written, co-produced, musician, engineered, vocal producer
Late (EP)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Shot You Down (song)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Live A Little (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Experiments (EP)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Begging Me (single)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Introduction (EP)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Left Too Late (song)Co-written, co-produced, mixed, engineered, musician, vocal producer
LivCome A Little Closer (single)Co-written, co-produced, engineered, musician
Alesha DixonThe Alesha Show (album)Co-written, engineered, musician, vocal producer#11
The Boy Does Nothing (single)Engineered#5
Let's Get Excited (single)Engineered#13
Play Me (song)Co-written, engineered, musician, vocal producer
Cinderella Shoes (song)Engineered, musician, vocal producer
Italians Do It Better (song)Engineered, musician, vocal producer
Don't Ever Let Me Go (song)Engineered, musician, vocal producer
Pet Shop BoysYes (album)Musician#4
The Way It Used To Be (song)Musician
All Over The World (song)Musician
Yes Etc. (remix album)Remixed
Love Etc [Beautiful Dub]Remixed
All Over The World [This Is A Dub]Remixed
Gabriella CilmiLessons To Be Learned (album)Musician#8
Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now (single)Musician
Got No Place To Go (song)Musician
Cigarettes And LiesMusician
Messy (song)Musician
Mini VivaLeft My Heart In Tokyo (single)Engineered#7
AnnieTube Stops and Lonely Hearts (single)Co-written
Franz FerdinandSound and Vision (cover)Engineered
ALXTimebomb (EP)Co-written, engineered, musician
Tried Love (song)Co-written, engineered, musician
Timebomb (song)Co-written, engineered, musician
Beautiful Criminal (single)Co-written, engineered, musician
Little Mix - DNAMo Jamil - EvolveNadine - Go To WorkSlang - Escorting YouSlang - MurderSlang - fwENDZMullallyLoop - Maybe I'm A LiarEmma Blackery - DirtGorgon City- SirensKaiser Chiefs - Stay TogetherKaiser Chiefs - Hole In My SoulKaiser Chiefs - ParachuteGirls Aloud - Something NewGirls Aloud - TenGirls Aloud - Out of ControlGirls Aloud - The PromiseGirls Aloud - Tangled UpGirls Aloud - Call the ShotsGirls Aloud - Sexy! No No No...ARIA - HopeThe Wanted - BattlegroundThe Saturdays - Finest Selection: The Greatest HitsThe Saturdays - What Are You Waiting ForThe Saturdays - On Your RadarThe Saturdays - All Fired UpAmelia Payne - The BattleCaitlyn Scarlett - Human, BeingBlessed - See Through All The ColoursBlessed - PrideMike Watson - Lying For LoveRebecca Ferguson - HeavenAmelia Lily - You Bring Me JoyAmelia Lily - Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)Amelia Lily - Party OverGossip- A Joyful Noise Gossip- Move In the Right Direction Gossip- A Perfect World Florrie - Upcoming Debut AlbumFlorrie- Little White LiesFlorrie- Too Young To RememberFlorrie - Late (EP)Florrie - Live A LittleFlorrie - Experiments (EP)Florrie - Begging MeFlorrie - Introduction EPFlorrie - Left Too LateLIV- Come A Little CloserAlesha Dixon - The Alesha Show Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does NothingAlesha Dixon- Let's Get ExcitedPet Shop Boys - YesPet Shop Boys - Yes Etc. Gabriella Cilmi - Lessons To Be Learned Gabriella Cilmi - Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now Mini Viva- Left My Heart In TokyoAnnie - Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts Franz Ferdinand - Sound and Vision ALX - Timebomb EPALX - Beautiful Criminal