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Tim Rowkins  Mixer/Atmos Mixer/Producer

Studio Brighton

Tim Rowkins is a hugely talented mixer, producer and multi-instrumentalist (proficient on guitar, keys, bass, piano and drums). His mixing and production work reveal that he has never been confined by genre, working with major labels such as Dirty Hit, ParlophoneRCA, Good Soldier37 AdventuresMinistry of Sound and Ninja Tune.

This year has seen Tim gain success with two artists that have been taking the UK music industry by storm. Tim's biggest triumph has been mixing the hugely lauded debut album from Rina Sawayama, titled "SAWAYAMA". Rina was also nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 2021 BRITs, alongside Griff and Pa Saleu. Tim has mixed some of her most successful singles including "Cherry" and "Chosen Family" with Elton John, which features on Elton's #1 album "The Lockdown Sessions". Tim's longstanding relationship with Rina has also seen him mix her debut mini album "RINA", including the single "Cyber Stokholm Syndrome". In addition to this, Tim has done some mixing for the BRIT Award and Mercury Prize winning Arlo Parks for her massively successful "Collapsed In Sunbeams" album campaign.

Currently, Tim is working on mixes for the likes of Zines, Onur, Seba Safe, Tiarlie, Rebecca Black, Rampton Prom, the hotly-tipped Sirens of Lesbos and Japanese superstar Mai Kuraki. Tim was also lucky enough to mix a version of the Lady Gaga and Rina Sawayama duet of "Free Woman".

Previous credits include mixing for artists such as Mura Masa (the hit single "What If I Go"), Maribou State (a mix of the single "Turnmills"), Olivia Dean (the single "Cheer Up Love"), All Saints (the album "Testament" and singles "Love Lasts Forever" and the William Orbit produced "After All"), JonesJodie Abacus, Jaz Karis, Salute, the critically acclaimed "The Ashen Tag" album from Royce Wood Junior and his remix for Kwabs on the single "Walk".

Tim enjoys working closely with artists in the pre-production stage to ensure that the songs are properly arranged and structured. He is a multi-instrumentalist, lending his expertise to getting into the 'nitti gritti' of each track. Tim's inherently musical and professional approach to his work is complimented by his belief in fostering a positive atmosphere within a studio session, creating exactly what an artist needs to be working at their full potential. In terms of mixing, he firmly believes in letting the song call the shots, giving each finished project a truly original and refreshing outcome.

Tim initially cut his teeth in the industry by playing in bands and was originally signed to Universal Music. He subsequently trained under Clive Martin, hitting the studio with acts such as Reef and Puressence.

Tim is based at his own studio in Brighton.

Productions and Mixes

Rina SawayamaHold The Girl (album)Mixed
Phantom (single)Mixed
Sawayama (album)Mixed
Cherry (single)Mixed
Chosen Family (single)Mixed
RINA (mini-album) Mixed
Valentine (What's it Gonna Be) (single)Mixed
Alterlife (single)Mixed
Rina Sawayama & Elton JohnChosen Family (single)Mixed
Mura MasaWhat If I Go? (featuring Bonzai) [Nighttime Version] (single)Mixed
What If I Go? [Live Mix] (single)Mixed
Arlo ParksStripped Live Session / Last Christmas (song)Mixed
Rebecca BlackRead My Mind (featuring Slayyyter) (single)Mixed
Two Door C. ClubGameshow [Live Mix] (song)Mixed
Royce Wood Jr.The Ashen Tang (album)Mixed
Clanky Love (single)Mixed
Midnight (Single) Mixed
All Saints Testament (album)Mixed
After All (single)Mixed
Love Lasts Forever (single)Mixed
Jono McCleeryIngenue (Single)Produced, Mixed
Pagodes (album)Co-written, Produced, Mixed
So Long (single) Co-written, Produced, Mixed
Fire In My Hands (single) Co-written, Produced, Mixed
Ballade (single)Co-written, Produced, Mixed
ReefWaster (single)Mixed
Live at Bristol Academy (DVD, Live Album) Mixed
Maribou StateTurnmills (single)Mixed
ONURParami Ver (single)Mixed
Beyinler Sakat (single)Mixed
Ölüm Gelene Kadar Yüzüm Kanadi (single)Mixed
Jaz KarisDoubt My Love (single)Mixed
Elton JohnThe Lockdown Sessions (album)Mixed (1 track)
Olivia DeanCheer Up Love (single)Mixed
JonesNew Skin (album)Mixed
Melt (single)Mixed
Hoops (single)Mixed
Mai KurakiUnconditional Love (album)Mixed
LYAMN_O CALLER ID (mixtape)Mixed
Origami (featuring John Glacier) (single)Mixed
Intermission (single)Mixed
AWAI (single)Mixed
CarmodySinging Your Love (single)Mixed
Missile SkyFamous Last Words (single)Mixed
Rampton PromToo Baby (single)Mixed
Little Things (single)Mixed
Give Me Something (single)Mixed
SaluteThat Girl (featuring Gabrielle Aplin) (single)Mixed
Light Up (featuring Liv Dawson) (single)Mixed
Diamond (Gold Rush) (single)Mixed
Kwabs Walk [Royce Wood Junior Remix] (single)Mixed
Jodie AbacusTake This and Grow Flowers (album)Mixed
I'll Be That Friend (single)Mixed
Off My Chest (single) Mixed
She's In Love With The Weekend (single)Mixed
For Real Life and Not Pretend (EP)Mixed
Keep Your Head Down (single)Mixed
88/89Hit Me (EP)Mixed
The Man (single)Mixed
Hit Me (single)Mixed
Wide Open (single)Mixed
KrrumWaves (single)Mixed
Phase (single)Mixed
LyvesCertain Things (featuring Jalen Santoy) (single)Mixed
Faded (single)Mixed
100 (single)Mixed
Tell Me That You Feel It Too (single)Mixed
Alex FrancisDesire (single)Mixed
Novo AmorCarry You (Radio Mix) (single) Mixed
RYDWork It Out (Single)Mixed
MIAMIGOPotLuck (single)Mixed
Everyone I Know (single) Mixed
Rebecca Clements Spiral (single)Mixed, Additional Production
North DownsPlastic Cloud (single) Mixed
The Boxer Rebellion Exists (album)Mixed
Watermelon (single)Mixed
Fool (single)Mixed
Oren Lavie Bedroom Crimes (album)Mixed
PuressencePlanet Helpless (album)Produced, Mixed
Walking Dead (single)Produced, Mixed
The Sparrow & The WorkshopMedal Round Your Neck (single) Produced, Mixed
Junk SonBeginning Ending Pretending (album)Mixed
True (single)Mixed
Picture (single)Mixed
Over (single)Mixed
BrokerTalk (single)Mixed
Medium 21 Killings From the Dial (album)Produced, Mixed
In Awe Of Agriculture (EP)Produced, Mixed
Riots On The Tyres (EP)Produced, Mixed
Laura Doggett Into The Glass (Royce Wood Junior Full Spector Mix) (single)Mixed
CranebuildersYou're Song (single)Produced, Mixed
Dolly Plein Air (album) Produced, Mixed
Tous Des StarsProduced, Mixed
Rina Sawayama - Hold The GirlRina Sawayama - PhantomRina Sawayama - SawayamaRina Sawayama - CherryRina Sawayama - Chosen FamilyRina Sawayama - RINARina Sawayama - ValentineRina Sawayama - Alterlife Rina Sawayama With Elton John - Chosen FamilyMura Masa - What If I Go? (Nightime) Mura Masa - What If I Go? (Live Mix)Arlo Parks - Live SessionsRebecca Black - Read My MindTwo Door Cinema Club - Gameshow Royce Wood Junior - The Ashen Tang Royce Wood Junior - Midnight All Saints - Testament All Saints - After AllAll Saints - Love Lasts ForeverJono McCleery - IngenueJono McCleery - PagodesJono McCleery - So LongJono McCleery - Fire In My Hands Jono McCleery - BalladeReef - Waster Reef - Live at Bristol Academy Maribou State - Turnmills ONUR - Parami VerONUR - Beyinler SakatJaz Karis - Doubt My LoveElton John - The Lockdown SessionsOlivia Dean - Cheer Up LoveJones - New Skin Jones - Melt Jones - Hoops Mai Kuraki - Unconditional Love [Album]LYAM - N_O CALLER IDLYAM - OrigamiLYAM - IntermissionLYAM - AWAICarmody - Singing Your Love Rampton Prom - Too BabyRampton Prom - Little ThingsRampton Prom - Give Me SomethingSalute Featuring Gabrielle Aplin - That GirlSalute - Light Up Salute - Diamond Kwabs - WalkJodie Abacus - Take This and Grow FlowersJodie Abacus - I'll Be That FriendJodie Abacus - She's In Love With The Weekend Jodie Abacus - For Real Life and Not Pretend Jodie Abacus - Keep Your Head Down 88/89 - Hit Me EP88/89 - The Man88/89 - Hit Me88/89 - Wide OpenKrrum - WavesKrrum - PhaseLyves - Certain ThingsLyves - FadedLyves - 100Lyves - Tell Me That You Feel It TooAlex Francis - DesireNovo Amor - Carry YouRYD - Work It OutMIAMIGO - Potluck MIAMIGO - Everyone I Know Rebecca Clements - Spiral North Downs - Plastic Cloud  The Boxer Rebellion - Exists Junk Son - FoolOren Lavie - Bedroom Crimes Puressence - Planet HelplessPuressence - Walking DeadJunk Son - Beginning Ending Pretending Junk Son - TureBroker - TalkMedium 21 - Killings From the DialMedium 21 - In AweMedium 21 - Riots Lauren Doggett - Into The GlassCranebuilders - You're SongDolly - Plein Air Dolly - Tous Des Stars