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Thomas Mitchener  Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Musician

Studio Broadfields, Watford

Thomas 'Mitch' Mitchener is producer, mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist. He is an exciting new addition to the Z Management roster. His talents have been recognised by the MPG, where Mitch was long-listed for Producer of the Year and Mix Engineer of the Year at the 2021 and 2022 MPG Awards. He was also mentioned mentioned in the Breakthrough Producer of the Year category in 2020.

Mitch has been integral to the growth of the new wave of British Punk and alternative music, having worked with an impressive selection of both established and emerging artists in the scene, such as Kid Kapichi, The Damned, Wargasm and NOAHFINNCE to name a few.  He has also seen recent success producing two top 20 albums from Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes; 'Blossom' and "Modern Ruin", as well as having worked on tracks such as 'The Rift' by Chappaqua Wrestling and "Death Dips" by Kid Kapichi that have both well surpassed 2 million Spotify streams and remain the defining tracks from both artists. This is credit to Mitch's vast skill set and his ability to bring out both productiveness and creativity from the artists he works with.

Mitch understands and encourages the creative desires and concerns of artists as he comes from an artists background himself. Mitch spent 2015-2018 as a member of Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, putting his multi-instrumentalist skills to good use on guitars, synthesisers, keys and bass, all whilst producing the bands first two critically acclaimed albums.  As a result, his studio (Broadfields in Watford) has been described as 'a Punk's dream', perfectly set up with live music in mind. Mitch aims to create a fun and personal environment in the studio, building honest and healthy relationships with those he works with. Not one to be pigeon-holed into one genre of music, Mitch has also worked with and played for Pixie Lott as well as venturing into writing for emerging rap artist Kid Bookie at the end of last year.

"Being able to create a relaxed, non-judgmental safe place where artists feel comfortable to not only perform at their best but also to have the confidence and inspiration to experiment is what I strive for most. Every single artist is totally different." - Mitch

Mitch is based in Broadfields, Watford.

Productions and Mixes

Frank CarterModern Ruin (album)Produced, engineered, musician#7
& The RattlesnakesSnake Eyes (single)Produced, engineered, musician
Lullaby (single)Produced, engineered, musician
Wild Flowers (single)Produced, engineered, musician
Blossom (album)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician#18
Devil Inside Me (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
Juggernaut (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
I Hate You (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
Trouble (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
Loss (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
Fire (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
Rotten (EP)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
23 Live At Brixton Academy (album)Mixed, engineered, musician
My Town [Live At Download Pilot] (video)Mixed
NOAHFINNCEStuff From My Brain (EP)Produced, mixed, engineered
Stupid (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
Mind Blank No Thoughts (single)Mixed
Kickin Trash (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
My Brain After Therapy (EP)Produced, mixed, engineered
Worms (In My Brain) (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
After Therapy (featuring Hot Mulligan) (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
Chasing Daylight (single)Mixed
I Know Better (single)Additional production, mixed
Growing Up On The Internet (single)Additional production, mixed
Scumbag (single)Mixed
NOAHFINNCE x Doll SkinParents (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
The DamnedDarkadelic (album)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician#9
The Invisible Man (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
Beware Of The Clown (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
You're Gonna Realise (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
A Night Of A Thousand Vampires: Live (album)Mixed
Wait For The Blackout [Live] (single)Mixed
Grimly Fiendish [Live] (single)Mixed
Neat Neat Neat / Bela Lugosi's Dead [Live] (single)Mixed
WargasmA Year Of War (EP)Mixed
Post-Modern Rhapsody (single)Mixed
God Of War (single)Mixed
Lapdance / Gold Gold Gold (single)Mixed
Kid KapichiSugar Tax (EP)Mixed
Death Dips (single)Mixed
The FutureheadsPowers (album)Mixed
Jekyll (single)Mixed
Good Night Out / Listen, Little Man! (single)Mixed
Electric Shock (single)Mixed
Across The Border (single)Mixed
ChappaquaEarly (single)Produced, engineered
WrestlingFootball (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
The Rift (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
BrydeThe Volume Of Things (album)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
The Trouble Is (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
Silence (single)Mixed
Paper Cups (single)Produced, mixed, engineered, musician
La Roux x Tyler, The CreatorAutomatic Driver [Tyler, The Creator Remix] (single)Mixed
We Are ScientistsNo Wait At Five Leaves [Radio Mix] (single)Mixed
BlackWatersI'm Not Your Man (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
Forget Myself (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
21 Lessons (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
Two Time Lover (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
I Want It All (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
GallowsGallows (album)Co-produced, engineered
Last June (single)Co-produced, engineered
London Is The Reason (EP)Engineered
I Dread The Night (EP)Engineered
Kate NashGirl Talk (album)Mixed (1 track)
Girl Gang (song)Mixed
FANNYPretty Girls Are Never Lonely (EP)Mixed
Wake Up (song)Mixed
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line DisasterBlood & Fire (album)Produced, engineered
Love Turns To Hate (single)Produced, engineered
COUNTERFEIT.Together We Are Stronger (album)Produced, mixed, engineered
Addiction (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
For The Thrill Of It (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
Enough (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
Close To Your Chest (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
As Yet Untitled (single)Produced, mixed, engineered
Come Get Some (EP)Mixed
Dead!The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying (album)Mixed
Any Port (single)Mixed
Enough, Enough, Enough (single)Mixed
Up For Ran$om (single)Mixed
The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying (single)Mixed
Will And The PeopleShame (single)Mixed
Seatbelt (single)Mixed
VUKOVINULA (album)Produced, mixed
SLO (single)Mixed
Kill It (single)Mixed
Hurt (single)Produced, mixed
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Modern RuinFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Snake EyesFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - LullabyFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Wild FlowersFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - BlossomFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Devil Inside MeFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - JuggernautFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - I Hate YouFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - TroubleFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - LossFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - FireFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - RottenFrank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - 23 Live At Brixton AcademyFrank Carter And The Rattlesnakes - My Town [Live At Download Pilot]NOAHFINNCE - Stuff From My BrainNOAHFINNCE - StupidNOAHFINNCE - Mind Blank No ThoughtsNOAHFINNCE - Kickin' TrashNOAHFINNCE - My Brain After TherapyNOAHFINNCE - Worms (In My Brain)NOAHFINNCE - After TherapyNOAHFINNCE - Chasing DaylightNOAHFINNCE - I Know Better...NOAHFINNCE - Growing Up On The InternetNOAHFINNCE - ScumbagNOAHFINNCE x Doll Skin - ParentsThe Damned - DarkadelicThe Damned - The Invisible ManThe Damned - Beware Of The ClownThe Damned - A Night Of A Thousand VampiresThe Damned - Wait For The Blackout [Live]The Damned - Grimly Fiendish [Live]Wargasm - A Year Of WarWargasm - Post-Modern RhapsodyWargasm - God Of WarWargasm - Lapdance / Gold Gold GoldKid Kapichi - Sugar TaxThe Futureheads - PowersThe Futureheads - JekyllThe Futureheads - Good Night Out / Listen, Little Man!The Futureheads - Electric ShockThe Futureheads - Across The BorderChappaqua Wrestling - EarlyChappaqua Wrestling - FootballChappaqua Wrestling - The RiftBryde - The Volume Of ThingsBryde - The Trouble IsBryde - SilenceBryde - Paper CupsLa Roux x Tyler The Creator - Automatic Driver [Tyler, The Creator Remix]We Are Scientists - No Wait At Five Leaves [Radio Mix]BlackWaters - Forget YourselfBlackWaters - 21 LessonsBackWaters - Two Time LoverBlackWaters - I Want It AllGallows - GallowsGallows - Last JuneGallows - London Is The ReasonGallows - I Dread The NightKate Nash - Girl TalkFANNY - Pretty Girls Are Never LonelyThe Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Blood & FireThe Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Blood & Fire (1)COUNTERFEIT - Together We Are StrongerCOUNTERFEIT - AddictionCOUNTERFEIT - For The Thrill Of ItCOUNTERFEIT - EnoughCOUNTERFEIT - Close To Your ChestCOUNTERFEIT - As Yet UntitledCOUNTERFEIT - Come Get SomeDead! - The Golden Age Of Not Even TryingDead! - Any PortDead! - The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying (single)VUKOVI - NulaVUKOVI - SLOVUKOVI - Kill ItVUKOVI - Hurt