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PALMR  Writer/Producer/Programmer/MD

Studio Acton, West London

PALMR (aka Robin Pearkes) is a fresh talent and a new addition to the Z Management roster. PALMR is a writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and programmer. He also has experience in the live side of the industry as a musical director. Robin first got into writing and production through performing extensively on bass guitar, keys and upright bass. Robin has also gigged extensively, both on tours and at festivals as a musical director. Sonically, Robin enjoys working across pop, alternative pop, alternative R&B, electronica, drum and bass and EDM.

Robin starts a session getting to know the person, finding out what drives them and who they're inspired by. He then reflects this back to them starting with keys, guitar or samples and distilling this into their original sound, making space for them to craft their story. His breadth of experience allows him to craft a sound that sits with in a specific genre or fuse and play with different genres to create a new sound.

Robin's most fruitful collaboration so far has been with the artist Sonia Stein, signed to Marathon Artists. He has worked extensively on her catalogue (both co-writing and production), from her biggest track so far, "Philosophical" to her latest track "Sweet Spot". Robin has also had cuts with the artists Nathan Hartono and EDIS (Warner), SHELLS (BMG, including producing her stunning version "What A Difference A Day Makes", which featured in the NHS vaccine advert), PLANT (Sound Collective), LUME (Hand 5), Ben Kidson (Wolves Records/Warner), Tiggi Hawke & Joel Adams (Tileyard/Ultra) and Sevdaliza. Robin has also been in the studio with the likes of HEIDI (3Beat/Universal), Louis III (Sound Collective), Jack Hawitt, Lily Denning, Flintz & Taylor and more.

In terms of live work, Robin became the musical director for Island Records/Universal Music artist Kid Brunswick. He has subsequently worked with the artists RED, SHELLS, VÖS, Sophie Amato, Jax0n (Jackson Mathod) and Sonia Stein on the live side.

As a new Z client, Robin is now looking to expand his horizons and is open to new creative opportunities that come his way.

Robin is based out of his studio in Acton, West London.


Productions and Mixes

Sonia SteinLessons From Earth (album)Co-written, produced
Zoom Out Co-written, produced
Mercury RetrogradeCo-written, produced
Bucket List (single)Co-written, produced
Apocalypse (single)Co-written, produced
Letters (EP)Co-written, produced
Philosophical (single)Co-written, produced
Bad DreamCo-written, produced
Never Leave You (single)Co-written, produced
Letters To You (single)Co-written, produced
Lessons From Earth Pt. 1 (EP)Co-written, produced
Lessons From Earth Pt. 2 (EP)Co-written, produced
Read My MindCo-written, produced
Every Time Africa Plays (single)Co-written, produced
Various live dates (including the Royal Albert Hall)Musical director
Automatic (single) (with PALMR)Co-written, produced
Prophecy (single) (with PALMR)Co-written, produced
Kid BrunswickVarious live datesMusical director
Nathan HartonoThe Great Regression (album)Co-written, produced
Tell It To My Face (single)Co-written, produced
Jack Hawitt x PALMRNever Let The Sun Die (single)Co-written, produced
Tiggi HawkeYou Are For Me (single) (with Joel Adams)Additional production
Ben KidsonOuterspacetimewaster (single)Co-written, produced
SHELLSWhat A Difference A Day Makes (single)Produced
Big Yellow Taxi (single) (with PALMR)Produced
ALLKNIGHTColour Bleed (single) (with PALMR)Co-written, produced
Cem Yenelseni o gökyüzüne ben koydum (single)Produced
PLANTHeadspace (single)Co-written, produced
LUMEVenus (single)Co-produced
Skinny Love (single) (with LUME)Produced
InkiSvífa (EP)Produced
This One For Me (single)Produced
Matilda EyreWater (single)Co-written, produced
IndigobeeKilling the Motion (single)Co-written, produced
VÖSPatience (single)Co-written, produced
Tide (single)Co-written, produced
Wait (single)Co-written, produced
Serious (single)Co-written, produced
Serious acoustic version [live at Abbey Road] (single)Co-written, produced
Punish (single)Co-written, produced
FRAE ALORA x PALMRPlans (single)Co-written, produced
Red x PALMRNo Excuse (single)Co-written, produced
Merry Go Round (single)Co-written, produced
Sonia Stein - Lessons from EarthSonia Stein - LettersSonia Stein - Letters From Earth Pt.1Sonia Stein - Letters From Earth Pt. 2Sonia Stein - Every Time Africa PlaysSonia Stein X PALMR - AutomaticSonia Stein X PALMR - ProphecyNathan Hartono - The Great RegressionJack Hawitt x PALMR - Never Let The Sun DieTiggi Hawke x  Joel Adams - You Are For MeBen Kidson - Outerspace timewasterSHELLS - What A Difference A Day MakesSHELLS x PALMR - Big Yellow TaxiCem Yenel - seni o gökyüzüne ben koydumPLANT - HeadspaceLUME - VenusLUME x PALMR - Skinny LoveInki - SvífaMatilda Eyre - WaterIndigobee - Killing the MotionFRAE ALORA x PALMR - PlansRed x PALMR - No ExcuseRed x PALMR - Merry Go Round