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GETH  Writer/Topliner/Producer

Studio Turnpike Green, North London.

GETH (aka Gethin Williams) is a London based writer/topliner, producer and programmer. He is a new, vibrant, young talent. and the latest addition to the Z Management roster. Geth is a programmer, topliner, vocalist, guitarist and pianist.

GETH started his career as an artist in the duo Dusky Grey, gaining solid support at BBC Radio 1 and were signed to Warner (EastWest/Parlophone). Geth has parked his artist career in order to focus on building his writer/producer career. Sonically, he shines in pop, alternative pop, dance and with singer-songwriters.

Since his artist career, GETH has had releases with established artists such as Vance Joy, who has accumulated 3 billion streams, Ryan Mack (his single "Sad F**k, which has amassed over 16.5 million streams), Dylan, Ber, Lilly Ahlberg, Nick Wilson and AJ Wander.

More recently, GETH has been in the studio/had cuts with the likes of Bow Anderson, Picture This, Vance Joy, JC Stewart, Jeremy Loops, Myles Smith, Cian Ducrot, Billen Ted, Amber Van Day, Ashley Singh, Billy Lockett, Saint Joshua, AJ Wander, Emily Burns, Fia Moon, Nick Wilson, Ella Bee, Sophie Griths, Jessica Brett, Ben Murphy, Mojam, James Earp, Mark Ralph, Robert Grace, Amber Run, The Nocturnes, Corey Saunders, Jake Gosling, Sky Adams and more.

GETH's work has currently amassed over 80 million streams. As a new Z client, he is now looking for new creative opportunities and exciting new sessions. We think he's a young talent to watch.

GETH is based out of his studio in Turnpike Green, North London.

Productions and Mixes

Dusky GreyCommunication (EP)Co-written
Told Me (single)Co-written
Call Me Over (single)Co-written
Joy Ride (single)Co-written
A Little Bit (single)Co-written
Get Easy (single)Co-written
One Night (single)Co-written
Uncontrollable (single)Co-written
Can Take It (single)Co-written
5 In The Morning (single)Co-written
Don't Worry (single)Co-written
Pleased You're Gone (single)Co-written
Ryan MackSad F**k (single)Co-written, co-produced
Vance JoyIn Our Own Sweet Time (album)Co-produced
Looking At Me Like That (song)Co-produced
DylanRed (EP)Co-produced
Your Issues (single)Co-produced
Blair DaviePiano Sessions (EP)Co-written
Love Is A Choice (song)Co-written
BerHalfway (EP)Co-written
Superspreader (single)Co-written
JERUBWhat If (single)Co-written, produced
Bertie NewmanThoughts So Loud (EP)Co-written, produced
Wasted On Me (single)Co-written, produced
Home (song)Co-written, produced
Lucy DeakinFREAKY FRIDAY (single)Co-written, produced
Lily AhlbergIncomplete (single) (with Nick Wilson)Co-written, produced
Nick WilsonFor You It Was Him (EP)Co-written
California (song)Co-written
AJ WanderTake It All (single)Co-written, co-produced
When You Say I Love You (single)Co-written, co-produced
Ben DolicHeadspace (single)Co-written, produced
Breakaway (single)Co-written, produced
Kissing Her, Missing You (single)Co-written, produced
Stuck In My Mind (single)Co-written
Gigi MossToo Hard To Love (EP)Co-written, produced
Circles (song)Co-written, produced
All the Things I Couldn't Say (EP)Co-written, produced
Safety Net (single)Co-written, produced
Better (single)Co-written, produced
CHAILD x Maz UniverzeNight Call (single)Co-written, co-produced
Maz UniverzeEmo Season (EP)Co-written, produced
School Reunion (single)Co-written, produced
Ryan KopelComfortable (single)Co-written, produced
Josh SahuntaMellowdrama (album)Co-written, co-produced
Flowers Don't Bloom (single)Co-written, co-produced
Fleur LindsayBreathe (single)Co-written, produced
Stay With Me (single)Co-written, produced
BLVCK VIØLETLonely In Love (single)Co-written, produced
Emily RobertsHeaven & Hell & Love & Hate (single)Co-written, produced
Charlotte BlackThe Way I Am (single)Co-written, produced
Dusky Grey - CommunicationDusky Grey - Told MeDusky Grey - Call Me OverDusky Grey - Joy RideDusky Grey - A Little BitDusky Grey - Get EasyDusky Grey - One NightDusky Grey - UncontrollableDusky Grey - Can Take ItDusky Grey - 5 In The MorningRyan Mack - Sad F**kVance Joy - In Our Own Sweet TimeDylan - RedDylan - Your IssuesBlair Davie - Piano SessionsBer - HalfwayBer - SuperspreaderJERUB - What IfBertie Newman - Thoughts So LoudBertie Newman - Wasted On MeLucy Deakin - FREAKY FRIDAYLily Ahlberg x Nick Wilson - IncompleteNick Wilson - For You It Was HimAJ Wander - Take It AllAJ Wander - When You Say I Love YouBen Dolic - HeadspaceBen Dolic - BreakawayBen Dolic - Kissing Her, Missing YouBen Dolic - Stuck In My MindGigi Moss - Too Hard To LoveGigi Moss - Safety NetGigi Moss - BetterCHAILD x Maz Univerze - Night CallMaz Universe - Emo SeasonMaz Univerze - School ReunionJosh Sahunta - MellowdramaFleur Lindsay - BreatheFleur Lindsay - Stay With MeBLVCK VIØLET - Lonely In LoveEmily Roberts - Heaven & Hell & Love & HateCharlotte Black - The Way I Am