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Craigie Dodds  Writer/Producer

Studio Prices Studios, Battersea

Craigie Dodds is an award winning, multi-platinum selling writer, producer, programmer and beats maker. He has an extensive profile in the music world, both in the UK and further afield, ranging from African projects and world music to jazz, soul and chart hits. His work has featured on a number of films, TV shows and adverts. Last year saw Dodds writing in America with Finneas O'Connell for Billie Eilish and has recently been developing an artist in a similar area to Billie, Maeve, who is currently unsigned.

Known for his idiosyncratic production techniques, Craigie's skills lie in thoughtful, deep and powerful musical soundscapes. He is equally happy Injecting new ideas into established acts or helping to shape new up and coming artists in their early stages. It is difficult to pigeonhole his sound, but the melody; lyrics and the beats are key. Craigie has recently been working on material for Ed Sheeran, Tokio Myers, Clean Bandit, Alex Hepburn, Est-Her, One Eskimo, OK Button, Nitin Sawhney, Ego Munk, J'Danna, Xaviour, Kyo, Laky, Yazmin Lacey and Respons.

Some of Craigie's biggest commercial successes include KanoRizzle Kicks, Leona LewisNatty, Kano, Lissie, Eliza Doolittle, Nitin Sawhney, Stephen Fretwell and Sugababes. Successful World Music projects include Noora Noor, Miriam Makeba & Zenzi and Thomas Chauke. Craigie's artist projects include OneEskimO and Why Why Peaches.

Dodds has also branched out into the world of film, where he has been involved in writing and music supervision and is currently involved on projects such as Jolt, Hitmans Bodyguard, Tesla, Red Sonja, Sinbad, Storm and Lunar. Craigie has also had tracks featured on a number of television shows and adverts including FriendsGrey's AnatomyModigliani, The O.C., Levi JeansToyota Prius and Galaxy.

Craigie initially found fame with the African music inspired group Egyptian Nursery, who scored three #1 singles and a #1 album in South Africa. In 1999, he was recognized as a producer on his own, winning the South African Music Award award for Best Producer for his work on "New Anthem".

Craigie has a new studio set up at Prices Studios, Battersea.

Productions and Mixes

Tokio MyersOur Generation (album)Co-written, co-produced#4
Jerusalem (single)Co-produced
Number One (single)Co-produced
Clean BanditI Miss You (featuring Julia Michaels) [Tokio Myers Remix]Remixed#4
KanoMethod To The Maadness (album)Co-written, produced
Upside (featuring Michelle Breeze) (single)Co-written, produced
Rizzle KicksRoaring 20's (album)Produced#3
Happy That You're Here (single)Produced
Stereotypical (album)Co-written, produced#5
Demolition Man (song)Co-written, produced
Superheroes (song) (from 'When I Was A Youngster')Co-written, produced
Yazmin LaceyMarie (song)Co-written, produced
OK ButtonGrenade (single)Co-written, produced
Beds (single)Co-written, produced
The Message (single)Co-written, produced
Leona LewisGlassheart (album)Co-written, produced#3
Fireflies (song)Co-written, produced
SugababesAngels With Dirty Faces (album)Co-written, produced#2
Shape (single)Co-written, produced#11
Three (album)Co-written, produced#3
MaeveBeasts (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed
Eden (song)Co-written, produced, mixed
Paloma FaithSnake Eyes (song)Co-written, produced
Nitin SawhneyDystopian Dream (album)Co-written, co-produced
Redshift (featuring J'Danna)Co-written, co-produced
Eliza DoolittleEliza Doolittle (album)Co-written, produced, mixed#3
Rollerblades (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
NattyMan Like I (album)Co-written, produced
July (single)Co-written, produced
Cold Town (single)Co-written, produced
Alex HepburnThings I've Seen (album)Co-written, produced
I Believe (singer)Co-produced
Take Home To Mama (single)Co-written, produced
Petite MellerLil Empire (album)Co-written, produced
Milk Bath (single)Co-written, produced
Est-HerSympathy (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
Last Minute Wedding (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
J'DannaWith Love, From Yesterday (EP)Co-written, produced, mixed (1 track)
Feel No Pain (song)Co-written, produced, mixed
GorillazStylo (Remix)Remixed
On Melancholy Hill (Remix)Remixed
AppletonDon't Worry (single)Co-written, produced#5
Everything's Eventual (album)Co-written, produced#9
Mutya BuenaReal Girl (album)Co-written, produced#10 (album)
Breakdown Motel (song)Co-written, produced
Stephen FretwellEmily (single) (from the album 'Magpie')Produced
LissieRecord Collector (from the album 'Catching A Tiger')Co-written
Amy WinehouseWill You Still Love Me TomorrowProduced
One EskimoFaster Than Turtles (album)Artist, written, produced
One Eskimo / All Balloons (album)Artist, written, produced
ClayClay (EP)Produced, mixed
Olivier DonExposed (album)Co-written, produced
Molly MooreFree Spirit (single)Co-written, produced, mixed
EgomunkFootsteps To Mars (single)Produced
Schizoid Superstar (single)Produced
Why Why PeachesDemos (album)Artist, written, produced
Sweet CaliforniaHum (featuring Juan Magán)Co-written, produced
YasminBreakdown (song)Co-written, produced
Egyptian Nursery New Anthem (album) + 3 x #1 singlesArtist, written, produced
Noora NoorAll I Am (album) (inc. the single 'Zeros')Co-written, produced
Alice GoldSeven Rainbows (album)Co-written, produced
Before (song)Co-written, produced
Aruba RedLight Up, Light Up (featuring Jah Cure)Co-written, produced
Miriam Makeba & ZenziMileleProduced
Thomas ChaukeShimatsatsa 16 (albums inc. singles)Programmed
Shimatsatsa 17 (albums inc. singles)Programmed
Lisa MitchellNeopolitan Dreams (single) (from the Juno OST)Co-written, produced
Tokio Myers - Our GenerationTokio Myers - JerusalemTokio Myers - Number OneClean Bandit - I Miss You [Tokio Myers Remix]Kano - Method To The MaaadnessKano Featuring Michelle Breeze - UpsideRizzle Kicks - Happy That You're HereRizzle Kicks - Stereo TypicalRizzle Kicks - SuperheroesYazmin Lacey - MarieOK Button - GrenadeOK Button - BedsOK Button - The MessageLeona Lewis - GlassheartLeona Lewis - FirefliesSugababes - Angels With Dirty FacesSugababes - ShapeSugababes - ThreeMaeve - BeastsPaloma Faith - Snake EyesNitin Sawhney - Dystopian DreamEliza Doolittle - Eliza DoolittleEliza Doolittle - RollerbladesNatty - Man Like INatty - JulyNatty - Cold TownAlex Hepburn - Things I've SeenAlex Hepburn - I BelieveAlex Hepburn - Take Home To MamaPetite Meller - Lil EmpirePetite Meller - Milk Bath [single]Est-Her - SympathyEst-Her - Last Minute WeddingJ'Danna - With Love, From YesterdayGorillaz - Stylo (Remix)Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (Remix)Appleton - Don't WorryAppleton - Everything's EventualMutya Buena - Real GirlStephen Fretwell - EmilyLissie - Record CollectorAmy Winehouse - Will You Still Love Me TomorrowOne Eskimo - Faster Than TurtlesOne Eskimo - One EskimoOlivier Don - ExposedMolly Moore - Free SpiritEgomunk - Footsteps To MarsEgomunk - Schizoid SuperstarWhy Why Peaches - DemosHum - Sweet CaliforniaYasmin - BreakdownEgyptian Nursery - New AnthemNoora Noor - All I AmAlice Gold - Seven RainbowsAruba Red - Light Up, Light UpMiriam Makeba & Zenzi - MileleThomas Chauke - Shimatsatsa 16Thomas Chauke - Shimatsatsa 17Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams